Halfway between Athens and Thessaloniki, in central Greece, forming a hook-like peninsula between the Pagasetic Gulf to the Southeast, and the Aegean Sea to the Northwest, Mt. Pelion’s peak ascends 1,624 meters above sea level. A dramatic backdrop to a cluster of twenty-four picturesque villages that poke out from its slopes, the region of Mt. Pelion had been kept somewhat a secret among locals. Traditionally, this is where Greeks have come to relax, heal, and celebrate life just like the Olympic Gods. Today, motorways and an airport in Volos, the region’s capital, have opened up this exciting region to tourists from all over the globe.

Combining mountain and sea, Mt. Pelion is awe-inspiring and wondrous every day, year round. Lush green in summer with glittering crystal waters, snow white in winter, and the rainbow of seasonal colors in spring and autumn; this is where history and heritage, nature, culture, and mythology fuse to create magic.

Mt. Pelion is about cascading waters, winding roads, and crisscrossing walking trails among dense forests of chestnut, beech, plane, pine, and fir. It’s about fertile soil and over a thousand culinary and medicinal plants growing on its slopes. It’s about orchards of apple, olive, cherry, and peach. Mt. Pelion is cobbled paths going up and down the mountain, connecting between quaint traditional villages with gracious stone mansions and grey slated roofs. It’s about sculpted fresh water fountains, shady village squares, historic chapels and Byzantine churches, and about incredible ocean views. It’s about the most beautiful beaches at its foothills, delicious local cuisine, and heartwarming hospitality.

Mt. Pelion is a destination where each chooses their tempo. Be it at serene village pace, a brisk hike, or a leisurely trek, swishing down slopes covered in snow or cutting through the air riding a bicycle, or a horse’s back. Or, gushing through waters with a canoe, becoming one with nature climbing a rock, or surrendering to the sun, and the sound of the waves on a sandy or pebbly beach. All this and more is Pelion – welcome to paradise!